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Massage Therapy in Kearny Mesa and San Diego for Back Pain Relief and Stress Reduction

massage therapy in kearny mesa and san diego Our chiropractors, Dr. Charles Salanger and Dr. Carol Spiegelman often recommend our massage therapy to a wide variety of  Kearny Mesa and San Diego patients, as it is effective at doing so many positive things for the body. While many people think of getting a massage as a luxury, it actually greatly benefits overall health and is an integral part of the recovery plans for people who suffer from a car accident injury, personal injury, neck or back pain, headaches and other painful conditions. Studies show that anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of doctor visits stem from conditions that have been aggravated by stress; just think of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, etc. So even if all massage did was relieve stress, it would still be well worth the overall health benefits.

Massage Therapy in Kearny Mesa and San Diego Helping Back and Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

We often recommend our massage therapy services as they help prepare the body for our chiropractic spinal adjustments by loosening and relaxing musculoskeletal tensions. The massage itself helps to relieve chronic back and neck pain on its own by stimulating the body to produce endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Our combination of spinal adjustments and massage has helped many of our patients find lasting relief from headaches and migraines as well.
Massage therapy is also a major aspect of our treatment plan for our patients working to overcome car accident injury or personal injury pain. Because it stimulates pain relief, increases nourishing circulation to injured tissues and induces muscle relaxation, it helps our patients prepare for the work of rehabilitative exercises and actually makes them more effective in the long run. Recent research has also shown how massage literally inhibits the inflammatory response in injured tissues at the cellular level, which also speeds recovery time for these injuries.
kearny mesa and san diego massage therapy Pregnant women and athletes also benefit enormously from massage therapy. Massage's ability to reduce backache and keep muscles limber and supple helps prepare athletes for competition or training, and expectant mothers for the rigors of childbirth. Lower stress levels and enhanced mental focus can also help both groups of patients. Many athletes swear by pre-training and post-competition massage to cut down on the risk of injury and help their bodies recover faster after extreme exertion. In the case of pregnant women, the stress reduction and increased circulation helps not only the mother, but the baby as well, as they prepare for childbirth. Keeping a new mother's stress levels low after birth can also help speed post-partum recovery and lactation for mothers who are trying to breastfeed their infants.
Our massage therapist offers many different forms of bodywork and works with our chiropractors to tailor massage sessions that directly address the needs of each patient. Call us today at (858) 565-8645 to schedule a massage therapy session and enjoy the multifaceted benefits of this form of holistic care.

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  • "My back went out suddenly - for no reason. Went to 2 Dr.'s, had an X-ray - they found nothing wrong and had no recommendations. THEN a friend told me about Dr. Salanger - in 15 minutes the pain was gone and has not returned 2 weeks later. He gave me a couple exercises to do to strengthen the area. That's it - simple as that when you know what you're doing! THANK YOU Dr. Salanger!"
    Sara O. / San Diego, CA

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